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Diet plays an important role in maintaining the level of uric acid in the body. High levels of uric acid in the body can be reduced by consuming certain foods and reducing or completely avoiding purine rich foods. Uric acid reduction diet can also help reduce the risk of developing arthritis, gout and kidney disorders that are caused due to hyperuricemia.

What to Eat

Uric acid reduction diet should consist of foods that are rich in potassium like potatoes, avocados, dried peaches, orange juice, apples, bananas, skimmed milk and yogurt, kidney beans, yam, etc. It is usually advised, that the diet for reduction of uric acid should contain foods rich in complex protein like tofu, berries, bananas, tea, celery, parsley, cabbage and tomatoes. Foods like eggs, butter, cheese, corn, gelatin, peanut butter, tart cherries, vinegar, etc. that are low in purines and protein, should essentially be a part of the diet of those suffering from hyperuricemia. Products like rice, pasta, whole wheat breads and cereals should be regularly consumed. Foods rich in bromelain and vitamin C like pineapples, red cabbage and red bell peppers can also be very effective in reducing uric acid. Soy products, lemon juice and fibrous foods, chocolate and carbonated beverages help in natural uric acid reduction. Fatty acids found in salmon, olive oil, flax, nuts, etc. may also be very beneficial to reduce uric acid levels. Plenty of water should be consumed to ensure elimination of uric acid through urine.

What Not to Eat

While following a diet for the reduction of uric acid, foods that are extremely high and moderately high in purines and protein, especially some kinds of meat and seafood, should £e strictly eliminated. Foods extremely high in purines and protein would include foods like yeast, pork, lamb, shrimps, anchovies, hearts, mussels, sardines, organ meats such as kidneys, liver and sweetbreads, etc. Those moderately high in purines and proteins include mushrooms, spinach, cauliflower, dried beans, peas, asparagus, turkey, goose, chicken, oatmeal, chicken, bacon, etc. Alcohol, especially beer and soft drinks should be avoided completely, when consuming uric acid reduction diet. It increases the levels of uric acid in the body, thus hindering the process of uric acid reduction. All in all, uric acid reduction diet should be low in proteins and purines and high in potassium and complex carbohydrates. It is also essential to maintain a moderate body weight for the reduction of uric acid in the body. The diet, along with medication and exercise, should be able to successfully lower uric acid levels in the body.

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